October 1, 2011

Take a Kid Mountain Biking day 2011

Today was the 8th annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking day. IMBA proposed it a few years back & folks have taken advantage of the opportunity to introduce their kids to the sport. Eli had been riding singletrack at Knoch Knolls a couple of times and I thought it was time to bring him out to Palos for the first time.

Everything went great. We had about 13 kids show up with their parents, uncles, or aunts. The kids rode Roadkill & Cemetary Hill. We came back to the Maple Lake lot and had a picnic lunch. Many thanks to everyone who brought out great food to share. Also, I want to thank all the folks who came out and made it a fun time. I could tell that all the kids had a blast. What's important to me is that several of the kids are anxious to get back on singletrack. That's awesome. Thanks to Nancy Fallon for taking pictures of the event & sharing them so quickly.

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